Jeff Yerxa and Nicolas Cabrera met in 2012 at American University and quickly realized their mutual affection for a great cup of coffee. As their admiration for coffee grew so did their relationship and so did their ambition. The two became roommates in 2013 and began home roasting their own coffee shortly thereafter. Their obsessive pursuit for the perfect cup has culminated with the opening of Lost Sock Roasters. 


Lost Sock Roasters is a small-batch artisanal coffee roaster located on Kennedy Street NW, Washington DC, dedicated to developing outstanding coffee sustainably. We devote our time everyday carefully roasting to accentuate the unique and desired flavors inherent in each coffee we carry. Our passion is not only derived from our love for great coffee, but from the understanding that we carry a responsibility. An outstanding cup of coffee is quite incredible considering the distance it has traveled and the countless people involved in its creation, from farmer to roaster to barista. We meticulously roast our coffee to ensure quality, not only because we love a great cup, but because a failure to do so would be irreverent to all responsible in its journey from farm to mug. Coffee, like many things in life, is truly appreciated once it is fully understood.

We source our green coffee through a small number of importers and direct trade collectives that share our values regarding economic ,social, and environmental sustainability. We tend to take a Nordic approach to roasting;  searching for bright, floral, and juicy coffees that we highlight with light to medium roasts. 

Our hope is that Lost Sock coffee, like that one missing sock, is something you look for each and every morning. 

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