KIBIRIZI, Rwanda 8oz

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KIBIRIZI, Rwanda 8oz


~ White Grape, Honey, Hibiscus ~

Washing Station: Kibirizi

Region: South Nyamagabe 

Altitude: 1,600 meters

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed

This is the second Rwandan lot we've sourced this season, and for good reason. The crop we've sampled this year coming out of Rwanda has been outstanding. The one common attribute we've found in the Rwandan coffees we've sampled this year, has been the finish. The Kibirizi has a sweet lingering finish that has you constantly yearning for the next sip. Prepare for a very herbal tea-like experience, with definite notes of white grape and hibiscus. 

This is one of the first lots coming out of the Kibirizi washing station, located in Rwanda's southern province, Nyamagabe. The station, which was recently built by two local farmers who wanted more control in the processing of their crop, now processes cherries from the farmers' 20,000 trees. 

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