SANTA BARBARA, Guatemala 8oz

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SANTA BARBARA, Guatemala 8oz


~ White Peach, Vanilla, Roasted Pecan ~

Santa Barbara is one of the lowest income municipalities in Huehuetenango. Most producers in Santa Barbara grow less than one hectare of coffee which is often bought by coyotes. Receiving stations are few and far between, and difficult to access without car. Due to this, these coffees are often blended with others from various other municipalities into large generic ‘Huehuetenango’ lots. We are stoked to be working with our importer Caravela whose separated these gems to be processed separately. 

The processing of these lots is a bit unique. The coffee has been manually de-pulped before being fermented in wooden tanks for 10-12 hours. It is then scrubbed in channels to remove the remaining mucilage and laid out to dry on small patios. This rustic processing lends a subtle fruitiness akin to a honey processed coffee.

Producer: Multi Producer Lot

Region: Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Altitude: 1,900 meters

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

Process: Rustic; Washed


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