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AQUIARES, Costa Rica 10oz
AQUIARES, Costa Rica 10oz
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AQUIARES, Costa Rica 10oz


Region:  Turrialba
Diego Robelo
Altitude: 1200 meters
Varietal: Mixed Peaberry
Process: Washed

This is our fourth year working with the Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica. This time again we've brought in their grand peaberry lot, which we find to be a great representation of Costa Rican coffee. Notes of toasted nuts and milk chocolate accompanied by a pleasant sweetness with notes of dried fruits - raisin and prune. Very approachable, very enjoyable.

Aquiares is a global leader in sustainability. The farm is the largest in Costa Rica to be Rainforest Alliance Certified, as well as certified carbon neutral. In addition to capturing carbon, the farm’s protected biological corridors have long ensured the wellbeing of local animals and plants. Aquiares also welcomes researchers from around the world to conduct agricultural and environmental studies on their land. Projects have included investigating the benefits of agroforestry on soil health and observing the diverse bird and wildlife species that thrive in an agroecological environment. Furthermore, Diego has worked to create a sustainable community at Aquiares transforming it into a small town. Overtime, he's sold off many of the properties on the farm so that now the workers and their families own their own houses and live there year round. 


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