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FINCA MAPUTO SL-28, Ecuador 10oz
FINCA MAPUTO SL-28, Ecuador 10oz
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FINCA MAPUTO SL-28, Ecuador 10oz


Region: Nanegal, Pichincha 
Henry & Verena Gaibor
Altitude: 1400 meters
Varietal: SL-28
Process: Washed


Unlike Finca Bruhwer, this coffee comes from the northern part of Ecuador. Finca Maputo is located in Nanegalito, Pichincha, only a drive away from the capital. 

This is our first year working with producers Henry Gaibor and Verena Blaser. Henry (Ecuadorian), previously a surgeon, met Verena (Swiss), previously an obstetrician, in Burundi, while working for Doctors Without Borders. In 1998, after their work in Burundi, they traveled back to Ecuador and opened their own clinic in La Mitad del Mundo. However, it wasn’t until 2008 while visiting a friend in La Perla, Nanegal, that they fell in love with the area; a few short months later, they bought their first piece of land! There were actually some old coffee trees already planted on this land, and it was enough to spark their interest into the world of coffee. While relatively new to the world of coffee production, their dedication and methodical approach has translated over from their work in medicine. The quality of the coffee speaks for itself.

We were able to source the only 4 sacks of this special SL-28 lot. SL-28 is among the most well-known and well-regarded varieties of Africa. Designed in the 1930s in Kenya, this variety was specifically selected due to it's resistance to drought. It just so happened that this variety also produced exceptional flavor qualities. While it's becoming more common to find farms across Latin America growing SL-28, it's still relatively rare - especially finding a farm growing it successfully.

This cup is really something else. If you've ever had a Kenyan SL-28, you'll find striking similarities. This is a light roast that we're getting a sweet tomato jam and some grape from, with a lingering finish. A remarkable sensation.

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