While we have understandably been focusing on our own health and that of loved ones, medical professionals have been risking their lives to protect our communities. It's time we do what we can to support them, and we are asking for your help.
We are organizing coffee drop-offs at local DC hospitals. A sponsorship is only $5 and will provide a 10oz bag to a doctor or nurse. If you'd like to sponsor a bag for one of these hospitals, please select an Anonymous sponsorship. You will also have an opportunity to write a personal note of appreciation that will be printed out and attached to the bag of coffee. 
If you know a doctor or nurse personally and would like to send them a bag, select Personal Sponsorship. Enter their address and a personal note and we will ship that bag to them directly. Personal sponsorships can be shipped anywhere in US (lower 48). You will be charged for the shipping.  
* We'd like to thank Cereza Coffee for their support, which has made this sponsorship program possible. We would also like to thank Enderly Coffee Company for the inspiration and idea. *