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EL CHIRIMOYO, Colombia 8oz
EL CHIRIMOYO, Colombia 8oz EL CHIRIMOYO, Colombia 8oz
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EL CHIRIMOYO, Colombia 8oz



Region: Peque, Antioquia
Producer: José Antonio Guerra
Altitude: 1900-2200 meters
Varietal: Colombia F4 
Process: Washed

This is another Colombian gem we've sourced from Cedro Alto, formerly Direct Origin Trading. A sweet toffee taste upfront with a pleasant malic acidity as it cools. 

Some interesting information on the farm from Cedro Alto -

In one of the more secluded municipalities of Andean Colombia, José Antonio's Finca El Chirimoyo is in one of the most secluded veredas. A symptom and cause of the area's seclusion is the historic pressence of armed insurjent groups. It has passed several times between the control of the FARC and other militant, paramilitiary and/or drug trafficking groups due to it's strategic location along the route from the interior of the country to the Gulf of Urabá seaport where cocaine is exported to the US. The silver lining of the marginalization and suffering they have endured is that the "Green Revolution" of industrialized chemical-intensive agriculture never came to dominare as in other parts of the country, and thus traditional agroforestry coffee systems remain, implying lower yields, lower costs of production, significantly less environmental degradation, and greater potential to produce high cup quality.



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