Barista Blend

BARISTA BLEND is an ongoing series exhibiting works from the many talented people that work behind the counter here at Lost Sock. Visit us at our Takoma Cafe to check out the current exhibition showcasing work from the following artists:

 Interested in purchasing a print? Reach out to the artist using their respective contact below. 



Photography: "The 1%", "bmw"
Mikayla Bryant is a film photographer from North Carolina focusing on the beauty of human nature, architecture and the mundanity of everyday life.




Photography: "Marigold Dye Party", "Best World Summer 23'"
Fatima Janneh is a Gambian American multimedia artist with a main focus on natural dye and photography.
Contact: @fatimaknits 




Photography: “13th and U”, “Takoma”
Ezzat Obaid is a film photographer from Northern Virginia primarily capturing static imagery of the connective tissue between personal identity and life in DC.
Contact: @blan.kroll